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Tuesday 1-13-04  Bandwidth Panic!  Mt. Doom tank contest brief mention of new Warpig forum.

Sunday 11-23-03  Pictures of the now broken semi-auto cannon along with some pictures from last August and a couple of links.

Thursday 9-4-03  Posted the 3rd 2003 Cousins game pictures and redirected the appropriate links for it.

Tuesday 9-2-03 More Spplat 2 pictures, updated site map and updates pages.

Monday 9-1-03 Official revelation of the AFX and Semi-cannon pages, beginning pages for Pinelands game and Spplat 2.

Sunday 7-27-03 Minor News update, new 6x6 name and added to Tank Names.  AFX work

Sunday 7-20-03  Tank names correction, links to FoN tank pics from IAO Invasion.  Coment on Skirmish tanks. AFX work

Tuesday 7-15-03 New pages for additional Tank Crews!

Monday 7-14-03 A few pictures of the paintball vehicles at the 2nd 2003 Cousins Big Game in NJ

Thursday 7-10-03  Picture of new tank from Mark Miles over at Smak Zone Paintball.  

Sunday 7-6-03 Picture of PUG and Sledgehammer from Todd, Pictures from Josh of his launcher, Volunteer Paintball howitzer and mortar.  AFX stuff too.

Thursday 6/26/03 new page with Todd Meyer's fiberglass tips, volunteer paintball's tank on news page, new easter egg.

Sunday 6/22/03 minor news entry, one newly scanned yet old picture from the 2000 big game, AFX stuff of course

Sunday 6/15/03 small stuff in news and a bit more AFX stuff.

Saturday 6/14/03 news about IAO scenario game from Bret and pic of STP's Hetzer from D-day '03, also some minor AFX stuff.

Wednesday 6/11/03 couple of pictures from transporting the Cousins machine.

Monday 5/26/03 Links to Monty's Mini-guns and Dave Halls cannon program.  Also updated the Links pages and changed the archive page structure a bit.  Changed the Site Map a little because of that.

Saturday 5/24/03  Posted the pictures for the  2003 Cousins/PBLI Big Game Part 1.  Also updated the Tiger crew page, home and news pages.

Monday 5/19/03  Nothing more than a brief bit on the 2003 Cousins/PBLI Big Game.

Saturday 5/17/03  Preliminary pictures from the 2003 Cousins/PBLI Big Game.

Saturday 5/3/03  A few pictures from our participation at Cousins Deer Park with WBLI radio.

Monday 4/28/03  Pictures of the RPG tank.

Sunday 4/27/03  Quick reviews of some plans and instructions that tankers may find interesting.

Saturday 4/26/03  Lots of stuff on the News page, minor changes to the Home page, updated Paintball links a bit and added Tankinator to the Tank Names page.

Tuesday 3/26/03  Finally a real update in News also a few pics on the AFX page.

Saturday 3/22/03 Minor bit on x-cannon in News

Saturday 3/1/03  Two new tanks in the news section.

Sunday 2/16/03  Some stuff in the news section.

Sunday 2/9/03 evening  Added pictures of Bad Company II's new tank on the News page and the Fl/Ga Gallery

Sunday 2/9/03 Updates to Tank Names, long overdue corrections to Bad Monkeys section and also added a Got Balls section in the Fl/Ga Gallery, Action Creek tank pictures and Hell Raisers tanks added to Gallery, minor changes done to Site Map page finally cut duplicates out of the News Archive.

Thursday 2/6/03 Put up pictures of 'The Peacemaker' of team 'Got Balls?' sent in by Jacob.

Thursday 1/23/03 Finally got some PAV pictures up from Castle Conquest XIV.

Wednesday 1/22/03 Hey a real update finally!  Spplat Attack 2, Note from Dawn, the Zoeller vavle and moved old news to an archive page.

Saturday 12/21/02 Mostly some overdue entries in the News section and a few other items that are detailed there.  Oh yeah there's a new hidden easter egg on the site somewhere hahaha.

Wednesday 10/30/02 (am) Even more X-cannon stuff on the news page.  Pics of the V3.0 X-cannon.

Saturday 10/26/02  More X-cannon stuff on the news page.

Missed a couple of items here but they're documented with dates now on the News page.

Saturday 10/19/02  Preliminary report on the X-cannon on the Tank News page.

Friday 10/18/02  split off the stuff in Tank Tips onto it's own page.  Now there's Cool Stuff for PAV's linked through the site map and the tank tips page.

Thursday  10/17/02  added a nice little gas powered air compressor to the tank tips section

Wednesday  10/16/02  brought back nav bar also some commentary in the news section

Monday 10/14/02 10:00 am.  I put up some pictures of the Kell Hounds Wolf Hound along with pictures of the Army of Darkness PAV project in the news and gallery sections.  Also added a new links page dedicated to Paintball Teams.  Like the other new links pages this isn't even close to being done.

Monday 10/14/02 12:30 am.  I had wanted to get this posted much earlier (like technically yesterday) it's now 12:30 a.m. there's been a lot done with this update.  check the News section and the Tank Tips for Changes along with new site map page, new links, new index and new home pages.  I'm pretty sure there's more but I'm really fuzzy right now.  These changes are in some ways preliminary we'll see how things go.

Wednesday 10/2  It's after 1:00 am!  At least I'm posting the update though! check the news section.

Tuesday 9/10/02  New Florida tank in FL-GA tank gallery.  Also new artillery piece in Howitzer gallery

Wednesday 9/4  Finally got some pictures up of the Spplat Attack game with William Shatner!

Friday 8/23/02  Check the News page!

Sunday  8/18/02  Pictures of the new pressure chamber in the news section.

Tuesday 8/7/02  Posted the Recoilless Rifle of Team SOG 1 in the howitzer section.  Spplat musings in the news section.

Wednesday 7/31  Playing with Nerf AirBazooka in News section.

Saturday 7/20/02 New truck to haul Tiger in news.

Weds 7/10/02  George at Daytona, link in news section.

Monday 7/8/02  minor bits in the news section.

Sunday 7/7/02  Finally got around to adding the pic that JimB sent in of his artillery peice going off! in the Howitzer gallery (link through the Tank Gallery)

Saturday 7/6/02  Pegleg Tger! check out the news section, minor work to index page

Saturday 6/29/02 Posted the Jimmy Memorial.  Links on Index and in the Tiger Crew section

Sunday 5/26/02  Finally got around to updating all the stuff I keep putting off!  Too much to list here, check the Tank News section!

Wednesday 5/23  Nerf Rocket stuff in news section.

Tuesday 5/21/02 Late Night  Scorpions LAV section added for Big Game '02, along with pics of the two tanks in the parking lot at end of day.  I think that's it for the pictures.

Tuesday 5/21/02  Mid evening posted another 56 pictures mostly of the Tiger.

Tuesday 5/21/02 Early evening posted 80 pictures from Sunday.

Monday 5/20/02 Late evening  Posted pictures from Friday and Saturday in the Photo Archive.  Added Stripe to Tiger crew.  

Early evening teaser pictures on Index page.  Updated Tiger Crew page.  Scorpions LAV crew added to tank crews.

Saturday 5/18/02  Just a couple of outdated cannon pics in the news section.  Should have a lot of Big Game pics up tomorrow night.

Sunday 5/12/02  Over in the news section:  Bad Monkey's 4th tank, Pink Panzer and Tiger, Sherman and cannon stuff.

Sunday 5/5/02  Anthony's tank is up for sale, see news section.  Also got some news on the Scorpions new PAV.  Bill Bailey sent in a PAV from D-Day that's in the Germanic Invaders section.  Link to InkTank.com in the news section.

Thursday 5/2/02  Added the Woodland Warriors cannon to the Germanic Invaders gallery and also some pics of the Gryphonians Panzerhandwagen Mark II in the main gallery.

Friday 4/19/02  Corrections posted in FL-GA gallery along with some more pics from Andy.  Photo credit of some War Wagon pics goes out to Bob "Snooker" Kinney on some.

Wednesday 4/17 Check the news section for details for the Big Game  registration form. Links in the news, index and Big Game pages.  

Thursday 4/11/02  Added some pictures to the Florida Georgia sub gallery sent in by Andy ADorsai.  There's a couple of older original War Wagon and a tank at a Dade City event.

Thursday 4/4/02  Added the Gryphonians other tank to the gallery, the Panzer Hand Wagen!

Saturday 3/30/02  Added a couple more designs from Carter and Peter in the tank designs gallery.  Also Hickwars tank in the main gallery.

Friday 3/29/02  Changed the gallery a bit!  Tank crews requested!

Thursday 3/28/02 Added Stuart Little to the tank names list, some interesting links in news and tank links, added link to Tippmann in paintball links.

Tuesday 3/26/02 minor corrections and some interesting idea sketches in the Photo Archive, Idea Sketches section.

Sunday 3/24/02  Too much to list check the News section for more!

Saturday 3/23/02  Tiger at Car Show! This should have been posted sooner but check the news section for direction to the car show.

Thursday 3/21/02 Some work on the tank tips section to accommodate JimB's new article.  Also prelim sketch of our second tank idea in the news section.

Monday 3/18/02 Some minor work on the index page. New version of the Bergles Barrel System.  Pics of the opening of Tank season in Photo Archive 3-02.  Check News section for more deatails

Friday 3/15/02   There's a bunch of stuff in the news section. including pictures of the first 'pile-o-cannon' parts and some pics of the Tank 2 chassis.

Wednesday 3/13 1:00 a.m. new Wisconsin section in Gallery with new WI tank joining JimB's Freak. Top & bottom blue border right after the top & bottom yellow FL section

Thursday 3/7/02  check News section!  Bergles cannon prelim is up!  Pics from Wayne's World.  Minor shift of Bill Tisons rules and finally R/C paintball tanks!

Sunday 3/3/02  teaser in news section.

Thursday 2/21/02 Second set of shirts mentioned in news section.

Saturday 2/16/02 Link for Blackcat Productions Tank Wars in News section.  Also touched up Bunker Extreme's link in news section.

Friday 2/15/02  Forgot to mention the Bunker Extreme D-Day 2002 for big tank games the other day.  In news section now.

Thursday 2/14/02  corrected the reserved sign for Panzer Commander

Wednesday 2/13  Anthony sent in a second pic of the TDF-1 Devastator for the gallery.  Also some minor work in the gallery along with the much delayed 'Reserved' sign for Panzer Commanders king Tiger.

Monday 2/11/02  Thanks out to Josh Larson for finding the new home of the AltPaintball tank gallery!  Check the news section for more details.

Monday 2/4/02 (it's really 2/7)  Finally got around to renaming the Avocado (Sorry for the delay Anthony) in the Gallery and Tank Names Section.  Also got a pic of one of the Russian tanks along with new links in the Gallery to the Russians and Army of Darkness's gallery.

Saturday 1/26/02  Team Delta Force is looking for a new name for the Avocado of Death

Monday 1/22/02 armoredfist polo shirts check the news section.

Sunday 1/13/02 removed dead links from the tank links section.  Some news in tank news.  Added new link in tank busters section for Rusty's custom paintball gear.

Friday 12/29/01 around 12:30 a.m.! added a third unknown and some info on the 2nd in the tank gallery

Wednesday 12/19 Bill Tison's Tank Rules in the tank rules section!  Also corrected the 2 class error for tank insurance on this page and changed the Bunker Extreme link to point to their tank rules.  Also did some minor changes to the index page

Monday 12/17/01 corrected names of some pictures in the July photo archive so the thumbs go to the right pics.

Sunday 12/16/01 New pics of Jim B's Freak in the gallery with twin e-mags.  did a bit of work on the gallery, fixed bunker extrem link

Wednesday 12/12 Details on the Mayberry patrol car! By Not Bob! of the Marauders, in the Tank Tips section.  Some changes to the gallery  Fixed the missing x-inventions link in the tank busters section.

Sunday 12/9/01 Caveman of team 'Got Balls?' sent in 2 unknowns for the gallery

Thursday 12/6/01 corrections here and there, no more unknown tanks in the gallery (thanks caveman)

Monday 11/19/01  some corrections about the War Wagon and picture of the Knights Who Say Nee's tank in the gallery.  Also added the Avocado and the Maggot to the Tank Names section and corrections to the War Wagon.

Friday 11/2/01 received an e-mail ID'ing one of the unidentified tanks in the gallery

Monday 10/8/01 around 3:30 p.m. touched up the tank tips section and added a link for the 6x6 guys

Monday 10/8/01 around 2:15 p.m. added page for Tank Names

Monday 10/8/01 new unknown tank Identified as the  "Thulsa Doom" of the Bad Monkeys

Monday 10/8/01 around 9:30 a.m. had to remove some pictures.

Monday 10/8/01 almost 1:00 a.m. Unknown tank from Wayne's Clues game added to gallery.

Sunday 10/7/01 More tanks in the gallery.  I've got over 40 now!

Saturday 10/6/01 added another set of photos to the photo archive from when we got the tank ready for Boneheads.  Added another tank to the gallery from T.C. Paintball.  Also did a little editing here and there.  Added a bit to the news section.

Saturday 10/6/01 added another 'tank buster' to that gallery, also  touched up the index page

Thursday 10/4/01 got the name of the RC tanker and a link to more pictures of his RC tank in the gallery

Tuesday 10/2/01 closing in on midnight!  Added the tank story section for all of the tanks history.  Also added some news along with  a bit of work to the tips section, FAQ section and a few corrections

Tuesday 10/2/01 around 7:30 p.m. added Michael Paige's awesome half track to the gallery along with our very own Tiger

Tuesday 10/2/01 before 8:00 a.m one correction in the tank Gallery.

Saturday 9/29/01 around 8:15 p.m.  added May 2001, Big Game 2001 and finally the Boneheads Big'n 2001 to the photo archive.

Thursday 9/27/01 around 9:15 p.m.  some more work on the tank tips section.

Thursday 9/27/01 around 1:30 p.m. some corrections and work done on the tank busters page.

Monday 9/24/01 around midnight added an anti tank section for those who are interested and a tank tips section neither of which are finished yet

Sunday 9/23/01 around 9:30 p.m. re-did the paintball links section.

Sunday 9/23/01   at 7:30 p.m.   added tank rules and two more photo archives also a bit of news about the Action Creek tanks 

Sunday 9/23/01    at 4:00 p.m.   added more tanks to the gallery

Saturday 9/22/01 at 1:30 p.m.  Started the Photo archive, copied links from my old web site

Friday 9/21/01 at 12:30 p.m.     added preliminary news and FAQ pages.

Friday 9/21/01 at 1:00 a.m.       added navigation bar and preliminary tank gallery