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LI Tiger Tank Crew

I was finally able to get enough pictures of both the Panther and Tiger crews at the 2005 Cousins LI Big Game.  With the extra pictures I felt that I had enough to split the former AF Tiger from the AF Panther and I setup a third page as the Former Armored Fist (historic) crew page.  The 2005 game is pretty much when the split between the two tanks was complete.  George's crew made it pretty clear at that time that they were 'NOT' Armored Fist.  It'll probably take me a few years to clear up all reference to them being an Armored Fist crew on this web site though.

This was the original crew page but since it was titled Tiger Tank Crew I've pared this page down to just George's Tiger crew.  All of the pictures showing the Tiger with the new green paint job are from the 2005 LI game.


George Povey

Cousins_BG05_Coram_George-Povey_0052.jpg (105646 bytes) George-Povey-BG05-LI_0001.jpg (100489 bytes) George-Povey-c3_0072.jpg (151659 bytes) 

BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-George-001.jpg (75716 bytes) George-001.jpg (38434 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0034-a.jpg (80843 bytes) George-Povey-NJ-2004-001.jpg (62354 bytes)

Position: Tiger Driver

Gun: None at this time.

George has been involved one way or another with the tank since day one.  He was hooked after the first time we made a big hit on the field with our proto type tank and in many ways is the reason why we've gotten as far as we have with the Tiger.  George keeps the tank in his backyard much to his wife's dismay and he's the person who does the most towards keeping my crazy ideas under control.  He also provides the tank with what we call 'The Power of George' this is similar to the Jedi mind trick and recently helped him get all access passes to the Daytona 500 for him and several FDNY members who were also at the race. That last picture was taken after the first day when we were all at the hotel relaxing by the pool.




Butch-BG05-LI_0051.jpg (103724 bytes) Butch-c3_0086.jpg (108682 bytes)

BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-Butch-001.jpg (74445 bytes) Butch and Tiger-001.jpg (66264 bytes) BG-03-5-18-0005-a.jpg (96707 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0039.jpg (111553 bytes)  

Position: Rear Gunner, Chief Mechanic, Second Tiger Driver

Gun: Tippmann Model 98 with Reactive Trigger

Butch is the main person who keeps the Tiger in operating conditions.  Butch is a member of George's dart team that got sucked into the tank and should probably be considered the tanks other owner along with George.  Butch is the guy who manages to keep everything running.  Although he didn't have a good year in 2001 with the tank (he had to leave half way through the Big Game and didn't go with us to EMR) he pretty much kept us in the game using a Leatherman and some Duct tape.  Butch has also driven the Tiger during some games to give George a break, probably a bit more than I have.



George Uribe

George-Uribe-BG05-LI_0046.jpg (133508 bytes)

RS-day-six-002.jpg (77844 bytes) George-Uribe-NJ-2004-001.jpg (100999 bytes)  

Position: Turret gunner, Tiger Cannon operator

Gun: Tippmann Model 98

George finally got to go out on a few combat runs in the Tiger at the Cousins 2003 Big Game Part 1.  He missed the morning session but there's at least three more events this year.  George is also a cannon guy and is the guy who introduced me to the Zoeller valve. 



Andrew Povey

Andrew-Povey-BG05-LI_0061.jpg (103412 bytes) Andrew-Povey-BG05-LI_0042.jpg (115574 bytes) Andrew-Povey-c2_0111.jpg (121431 bytes) Andrew-Povey-c3_0074.jpg (146230 bytes)

BG-03-5-18-0014-and.jpg (63326 bytes) Andrew-Povey-NJ-2004-001.jpg (74286 bytes) Andrew-Povey-NJ-2004-002.jpg (69547 bytes)  

Position: Hatch gunner

Gun: Tippmann Model 98




Joe-BG05-LI_0060.jpg (118392 bytes)

Position: Hatch gunner

Gun: E-Spyder

Joe is one of George Povey fellow volunteer firefighters at the Coram Firehouse.




BG-03-7-13-0023.jpg (88803 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0024.jpg (102120 bytes)  

Gun: Tippmann Model 98 (I think anyway)

Brian joined us again at the Coram game in 2004 along with his dad for runs in both tanks and will likely be joining us in NJ.




Jay-c1_0114.jpg (86888 bytes) Jay-c2_0092.jpg (136146 bytes) Jay-c2_0094.jpg (132281 bytes) Jay-moth-c2_0061.jpg (52236 bytes)

Gun: Spyder, SP Ion

Jay's Spyder broke down during the NJ Big Game so he picked up an Ion.  You'll have to ask him about the moth though.


Dawn Povey

Dawn Povey.jpg (36987 bytes)  

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Gun: Don't ask, just know that she can't use it in the tank!

Dawn is George's wife and is responsible for the Tigers current camouflage paintjob. 


Auxiliary Crew Members


Mike Paxson

Mike-Paxson-BG05-LI_0032.jpg (84833 bytes)

Position: Blue General 2005 LI Big Game, Window/Hatch gunner

Gun: I'm pretty sure he was using a Blue DM5

Mike actually pulled a lexan window out and then pulled the netting square off the window and hung out of the Tiger in order to get some better shots at people before discovering the forward hatch.


Miscellaneous pictures

Andrew-Povey-Jay-c2_0072.jpg (108849 bytes) AF-Tiger-Manhattan_0011.jpg (102363 bytes)


AF Tiger Tour of duty


1999 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI -  half day, fried clutch

2000 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI

2001 - Cousins LI Big Game  - Coram LI

2001 - Boneheads Big'n - EMR PA

2002 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI

2002 - Shatner Spplat Attack 1 - Joliet IL

2003 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI

2003 - Cousins NJ Big Game - Manchester NJ

2003 - Cousins NY Big Game - Plattekill/Newburgh NY

2004 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI

2004 - Cousins NJ Big Game - Manchester NJ

2005 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI

2005 - Cousins NJ Big Game - Manchester NJ