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Tank Tips and Ideas

I was corresponding with Todd Meyer of the Gryphonians recently about some questions I had for a project of mine and he agreed to letting me post his e-mail here.  So for those of you interested in fiberglass this is a must read.  I was talking to Bret Golihew at the 2002 Spplat attack when he pointed out the turret on the Gryphonians tank and how they used fiberglass to build it.  Bret expressed the thought that fiberglass is going to be widely used by us tankers in the future.  Between talking to everyone at Spplatt and thinking about it on and off since I really think that Bret was correct in his assessment of the uses of fiberglass.  Hopefully I'll be using it soon myself.

Todd Meyer's Fiberglass Tips

Split off a new page for some interesting products

Cool Stuff for PAV's

I know that this is over in the Tank Busters section but this really is the basis of many cannons out there and is a good read on air cannons.  This is the classic write up on PVC air cannons by Bill Mills of Warpig fame and is a must read for anyone looking into the subject.  After that check out JimB's write up a little lower for a really good variation on the basic air cannon.  Jims cannon is especially good if your PAV is a little short on space.

Jim Bergles over in Wisconsin, owner of the Freak sent in instructions on building a rather innovative cannon.  He's currently working on building a tank division in WI with at least one friend now that I'm sure is just the beginning of some new expansion for us tankers.  Jim recently sent in his tips on tank building, if you check out the Wisconsin section of the tank gallery it's pretty obvious that Jim really knows his stuff when it comes to building or helping out really sharp looking tanks.

Bergles Barrel system                     JimB's Tank Tips      

                                    Jim_B's_tank_1.jpg (29024 bytes)

I was talking to Not bob! who built the Mayberry patrol vehicle and he's letting me post how he built their ATV based patrol vehicle.  This is one of my favorite vehicles in the gallery, it may not be a tank but it's one of the best ideas for a paintball vehicle I've seen yet!  Just click the picture below!

Not Bob!'s Patrol Vehicle

Even though this is also in the rules section, I'm putting a link here because it's a really good idea to look these over if you're planning on building a paintball tank.  Click below to go off to Bill Tison's collection of various tank rules and guidelines.

Bill Tison's PAV rules compilation

As for my own personal take on building tanks, just click the pic of me and the Tiger.

T.J.'s tips on building a PAV

TJ_Allcot_and_tank.JPG (17025 bytes)


I still have these two really good links on tanks below

This one by Matthew Zeyn Captain of the Doom Troopers is a very good  general tank article if you're interested in paintball armored vehicles this is a good read.  This one's really something anybody who intends to build a tank should read before they start.


This next link is a write up by Bret Golihew of the Action Creek tankers.  I believe that their Sherman is still one of the most accurate looking tanks out there.  Click on the link below to read just how they did it!



So you want to build your own Hellhound eh?  Well just keep this in mind, I was talking to Tom Ghee (I hope I spelled that right) one of the Tippmann reps at the 2001 PBLI Big Game and he told me that they've spent close to Twenty Thousand dollars on it!!!  That's $20,000 !!  Here I was thinking that we were insane for breaking $8,000 on ours over 4 years.  Anyway click the link below to get to the Rockingham Paintball Club Store, they sell the actual vehicle used by Tippmann for the Hellhound.  They're shown on page 2 of the Brigade Quatermasters section.


Or say you want to build a tank based on one of those really cool 6 wheeler chassis.  Or if you already have one of the 6x6's and need some parts or some advise on something click the link below for a fantastic 6x6 resource.


One of my near term goals is to find some resources on the net that I'll link here to some golf cart sites.  I've only looked for them once so far and came up with an interesting site that sold plastic or fiber glass shells for golf cart to be turned into cars.  Not quite what I was hoping for.  Here's that site if anyone is interested, it is pretty cool..


Now I don't know much about golf carts but this site seems to be extremely comprehensive for all your golf cart needs.  It really looks like if you need something for you golf cart you can find it on this site.