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Tank Names

For those of you who want to name your tank and don't want to use a name that someone else is already using.  This is a list of all the tank names that I know of in alphabetical order by tank name.  If you have a tank in the gallery and I don't have it's name listed send me an e-mail and I'll add it.  If someone is using a name that you think is already yours maybe we'll send them an e-mail and see if a tank on tank match can be arranged for the name hahahaha.  I'm only kidding, I'm sure that more than one tank can share a name no matter how cool a tank vs. tank grudge match would be.

Tank Name


AFX/Panther Dawn Allcot (and myself)
Automagnus Damage Inc, Detroit
BA-64 The Gryphonians
Badger ET Paintball Park
Blue's Beast Blue of EMR  *Retired*
Blue Falcon Matthew Sidrane
Buzzkill Assassins Guild
Corky Team Sudden Death Illinois
Crunchy Team "Got Balls?"  *Retired*
Doom Buggy Doom Troopers
Freak Jim B. sold the Freak at Shatner
Fire Ant Team Peregrim
Frida Joe Villar
Fritz Team Baldwin
Gen. Heinz Guderian the Kanonenwagen Team Hun
Green Tracker Team Davis & Crew
Gunship Apocalypse Team Apocalypse  *Semi-Retired*
Hellfire Team Hellfire
Hellhound Tippmann Pneumatics
Hunky - About August Team Sudden Death Illinois
Hummer Dennis Innerst of Action Creek Tanks
Hump Wagon Team War Wagon
Julius Julius Tank Team
Jumbo Dennis Innerst of Action Creek Tanks
Karnivor Team McGowan & Crew
Lil Reb Minnesota Rebels
Love Bug The Scorpions of L.I.  *Retired*
M1A1GAT - "Maggot" Hell Survivors Inc in Pinckney Michigan
M3L Argo-Class Light Tank "Stuart Little", aka The Love Duck Todd of the Gryphonians
NOG Team "Got Balls?"
Ogre Doom Troopers
Oldsmotank Team Miller & Crew
Panzerhandwagen I Ausf SG The Gryphonians
The Peacemaker Team "Got Balls?"
Pink Panzer Kyle "Kyote" DeVries of Team Warlords
Poop Slinger Bad Monkeys
Raider Aktion Zone Paintball
Razorback Special Ops
Rommel the Konigstiger (King Tiger) Amored Fist's own tank
Silver Back Bad Monkeys
Tankinator Bad Company II
TDF-1 Devastator Unknown at this time
Teufel Schwein Woodland Warriors 1st Mo. Mechanized
Thulsa Doom Bad Monkeys
Troll Bad Monkeys
Turtle Paul Aubel of Action Creek Tanks
War Wagon Team War Wagon
Warthog Warthog Crew
Wolf Hound Raptor from the Kell Hounds