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Tank Links


WARPIGS tank forum:





Ponytails PAV page



  The Russian Paintball tank site!


Other Tank Stuff:

Peter Jones tank designs


Carter Powel's new site



NEED A GOOD LAUGH?  Check this site out

I'm a computer person so Angst Technology really appeals to me but if you're not into computer gaming or the IT world check out Weekend Warriors.  And for all of us tankers Barry's Weekend Warriors cartoon from 11-19-01 is especially funny!


Not just tanks but the largest group of tankers in Florida, even though they don't have a dedicated section for all of their tanks and some aren't shown here the Bad Monkeys are the largest tank force in Florida and to my knowledge they currently have 5 PAVs (yes FIVE) associated with their armored division.  As far as I know that gives them the largest armor division in the country, unless you count the 10 (?) tanks that belong to Skirmish.


Sent in by Dave, excellent resource for info on real tanks



Wayne's World Tank Rules Update:





Hosted by Scenario Paintball.com

The sections about tanks are about 1/3 to 1/3 the way through the 2.03 version




Dead links

kept around just in case they come back

Paintball tank page (tank under construction!)    http://www.paintballtanks.org

Game Pics of the Jim B's M113p  http://www.geocities.com/nextbreed75/biggame050501.html

Tank Rules: A MUST READ !! http://www.waynes-world.com/tank.htm