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Tank Gallery

Florida Georgia

HellFire and War Wagon had to be put near each other for reasons that will be made clear soon.

Bill and Paul went head to head on 4-19 for JYW!

tank03.jpg (54746 bytes)  The HellFire tank at the 2001 Blanding event

HellFireTankBeforeAfter_a.jpg (83500 bytes)  HellFireTank2_a.jpg (47280 bytes)  HellFireTank_a.jpg (73410 bytes)

A few more of the HellFire Tank


Team War Wagon

11affcc0.jpg (121690 bytes) The War Wagon belonging to Paul Hoard Mad Tanker, Capt. of TEAM WAR WAGON, Not the Florida Gladiators.  Paul sent word that Team War Wagon plays under the banner of the Wolf Pack that is an association of several Florida teams and that they've added another turret to the War Wagon and have done some changes to the Hump wagon, pictures of which should be coming in soon.  Bob "Snooker" Kinney sent word that he took these four pictures along with the pic of the Hump Wagon below. 

ww original state.jpg (45461 bytes)  12140f00.jpg (95557 bytes)  12240f00.jpg (88137 bytes)

a few more of the War Wagon

War_Wagon_AD_Blanding_01.jpg (53744 bytes)  War_Wagon_AD_Blanding_02.jpg (43640 bytes)

Andy 'ADorsai' VanDerPlaats sent in some old pics of War Wagon at Blanding.

Andy also sent these in, I'm not sure but that could be Paul Hoard.

war wagon01.JPG (99231 bytes) war wagon02.JPG (105680 bytes) war wagon03.JPG (112087 bytes) war wagon05.JPG (100091 bytes) war wagon06.JPG (111897 bytes)


Hump_Wagon.jpg (63685 bytes) The Hump Wagon of Team War Wagon



Peace Maker 01-a.JPG (69235 bytes)  The Peace Maker of Team Got Balls

Peace Maker 02-a.JPG (120021 bytes) Peace Maker 03-a.JPG (165461 bytes) Peace Maker 04-a.JPG (142718 bytes)  Peace Maker 06-a.JPG (104254 bytes)

Peace Maker 07-a.JPG (111337 bytes) Peace Maker 08-a.JPG (135413 bytes) Peace Maker 09-a.JPG (133947 bytes)

Peace Maker 05-a.JPG (105973 bytes) Peace Maker 10-a.JPG (141389 bytes)


NOG-02028.jpg (141697 bytes)  NOG, Team Got Balls? latest addition.

  NOG-02025.jpg (128017 bytes) NOG-02032.jpg (86237 bytes) NOG-02034.jpg (100624 bytes) NOG-02036.jpg (128185 bytes)


right click on the camera below and choose 'Save Target As..' you can download the video of NOG's semi-auto cannon and pop-up turret in action.  It's in an mpeg format and is about 5.3 megabytes large, (not recommended for those on Dial-up).  If you watch closely you can see the PVC casings fall out of the turret after the first two shots.  The semi-auto cannons name is Dede and it has 17 round ammo capacity, capable of either Nerf or Paintball sabot type rounds.  NOG itself is built on a Kawasaki Mule 300A.  The turret is powered and can spin 180 degrees in 3 seconds.  The lift brings it to a height of 10' 6"  The cannon has it's own video feed capable of 4X zoom.

Got-Balls-NOG-award-2004-02018.jpg (101480 bytes)

NOG took home the 2004 Grand Finale Tank Award.


unknown_tank6.jpg (6969 bytes)  This is 'Crunchy' of Team: Got Balls, now retired.  Thanks Caveman.



The Doom Troopers

These guys are one of the best group of tankers out there.  If you need a tank these guys will build one for you!  I don't know what they charge but you can be sure that it will be worth it.

I'm pretty sure that they're working on a site at http://www.area52paintball.com

DT_Orge.jpg (45126 bytes)  The Doom Troopers Ogre

DT_Doom_Buggy_3.jpg (12706 bytes)  The Doom Troopers Doom Buggy

Can01[1].jpg (108174 bytes)  The Doom Troopers Howitzer



The Bad Monkeys

I really should shrink their logo down a bit but it looks really good at this size.

Blanding Tank with face.jpg (76925 bytes)  The Bad Monkeys tank:  The Poop Slinger at the 2001 Blanding

CluesTank.jpg (127653 bytes)  The Bad Monkeys 2nd tank: Thulsa Doom making it's debut at Wayne Dollack's Clues game sent in by Josh Silverman.  Dave sent in this one from the Wayne's World 'Tanker Girls' event

Thulsa-Doom-TG-02.jpg (73759 bytes)

Tank01.jpg (58067 bytes)  The Doom Troopers Troll, now the Bad Monkeys 3rd tank.

silver back-002-a.jpg (76156 bytes)  The Bad Monkeys 4th tank: Silver Back at Wayne Dollack's 'Tanker Girls' and under construction.  Scott Mears sent these in.

silver back-001-a.JPG (109100 bytes)

Bad_CompanyII_tank2.JPG (103038 bytes)  Anthony and his Dad of Team Delta Force bought Bad CompanyII's tank and joined the Bad Monkeys.  Actually this happened months ago and I lost track of the e-mail, sorry about that Anthony.

Bad_CompanyII_tank1.JPG (102048 bytes) Bad_CompanyII_tank3.JPG (94634 bytes) Bad_CompanyII_tank4.JPG (100734 bytes) Bad_CompanyII_tank5.JPG (102380 bytes)

This REALLY makes the Bad Monkeys the leader in number of tanks in the Armored Fist Gallery.


As far as I know the following tanks are all in Florida or Georgia. Also Team War Wagon, The Doom Trooper and The Bad Monkeys all play in Florida too.


Blackhearts-Tiger-0001.jpg (84068 bytes)  Blackhearts Tiger.  The Blackhearts are based in Atlanta Georgia.  It was built for the Millennium's Band of Brothers series and first used at Bearclaw in Tennessee.  They painted it orange to be the General Lee for the Red Necks at Low Country's free finale.  Tiger Commander Bobio sent these in for me.

Blackhearts-BobsTank.jpg (73378 bytes) Blackhearts-Tiger-3041.jpg (56163 bytes)


Bad_CompanyII-02-001.jpg (115939 bytes)  Bad CompanyII's tank original tank is now part of the massive armor division of  'The Bad Monkeys'.  John M. sent pictures of this new tank that debuted at the Thunder Island game.

Bad_CompanyII-02-002.jpg (115627 bytes) Bad_CompanyII-02-003.jpg (110487 bytes) Bad_CompanyII-02-004.jpg (107708 bytes) Bad_CompanyII-02-005.jpg (79834 bytes)

Bad_CompanyII-02-006.jpg (116257 bytes) Bad_CompanyII-02-007.jpg (118440 bytes) Bad_CompanyII-02-008.jpg (69700 bytes)


Dade_city_tank_Tankers-2.jpg (102322 bytes)  Dade_city_tank_on the hunt.jpg (60532 bytes)  Andy 'ADorsai' also sent these in.  This tank was used at a Dade City event and was built on a VW Pickup truck.  The tank shell was removable so the truck could be used in non-tank roles.  It's nice to see another tank that looks like a real tank, even if it's no longer active.

gunship at blanding 01b.jpg (147407 bytes) Gunship Apocalypse at the MXS 2001 MOUT Blanding event, currently retired. 

DT_tank3.jpg (7104 bytes)  I don't know this one's name, It belongs to Team Florida Heet

Rat_Patrol.jpg (38641 bytes)  The Rat Patrol tank, This tank has a completely custom built frame

Knights Avocado-b.jpg (150238 bytes)  THE TDF-1 Devastator-2a.jpg (66192 bytes)  The TDF-1 Devastator, now owned by an unknown group in Florida.  This originally was 'The Avocado of Death' belonging to 'The Knights who say NEE!'.  Anthony of Team Delta Force acquired it from them and then sold it to buy Bad CompanyII's tank.  What I really love about this machine is that it's a lawn mower based tank!  Frankly I'm amazed based on this picture I thought it was built on..., well honestly I had no idea what it was built on but considering that it looks about as tall as a typical garage door I didn't think lawnmower.  Anthony of Team Delta Force sent in a second picture, it's from an old magazine of Anthony's but I don't know which one.  It's a bit fuzzy but between the two you can see it's really nice tiger stripe paint job.

unknown_apc1.jpg (6376 bytes) 

WW-Marines-L.jpg (34028 bytes)  WW-Marines-C.jpg (34114 bytes)  WW-Marines-R.jpg (35264 bytes)

Marines APC, at Wayne's World Aliens scenario.  Judging from it's current appearance I don't think that this is an actively used tank.

These guys have some nice tank pics from some Wayne's World Games.  Go through pictures and click on the tank picture.  They have one of a 'Heavy Tank' that I had not seen before along with the other Florida heavies, Gunship and War Wagon.  There's also some pictures of the HellFire tank as it premiered.  Thanks Josh!