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Tank Gallery

I want this page to become a collection of all the tanks out there. Anybody who asks will have the photographers name added to these pictures.  Just let me know which ones!

I was starting to feel that the Gallery was getting a bit too large for a single page so I've split it up into several pages.  Many of the tanks are still shown below but I've now placed some tanks in the following additional galleries.

Florida Georgia

Outside the U.S.

Tank Designs

Germanic Invaders

Paintball Howitzers


The tanks of Wisconsin

Badger Armored Division-Assault Squad Support

Gryphonians_logo.jpg (32330 bytes)

aka: BAD-ASS

The Freak

Jim_B's_new turret.jpg (29907 bytes)  with twin warp fed E-Mags

Jim_B's_twin_mags.JPG (28503 bytes)  Jim_B's_tank_2.jpg (31890 bytes)  Jim_B's_tank_1.jpg (29024 bytes)

This first one shows the inside setup of the new turret

JimB artillery.jpg (27867 bytes)  JimB's artillery piece.

BAD-ASS_1.jpg (58334 bytes)  M3L Argo-Class Light Tank "Stuart Little", aka: The Love Duck.

BAD-ASS_2.jpg (54047 bytes) Latest tank of the Gryphonians 

Panzerhandwagen-001.JPG (62280 bytes)  panzerhandwagen-002.JPG (65026 bytes)  The Panzerhandwagen I Ausf SG of the Gryphonians

Panzerhandwagen V2-001.JPG (86988 bytes)  Panzerhandwagen V2-002.JPG (93683 bytes)

Panzerhandwagen MkII

  O.k. now this is new to me, this tank is both rare ( it looks like a tank!) and unique (to my knowledge).  It moves around the field with no engine!  Built by Todd and Brendan of the Gryphonians.  Apparently Brendan (guy in Helmet) dislikes internal combustion engines and Todd (in cap) was so intrigued by the idea that he drew up the plans that night.  It's based on a pneumatic-tired hand truck and is pushed around the field by the operators.  It'll be armed with a single paintball marker and the Anti-Tank Lazer tag system.

Gryphonians-Anti-Tank-Laser-001.JPG (64589 bytes)  The Gryphonians Anti-Tank Laser.  Just to add to the fun of the whole 'How to disable a paintball tank, Jim and Todd will be using LazerTag systems as anti-tank weaponry at the next  Paintball Sam's Big Game in early May.


O.K. I've seen 3.5 versions of the 'love bug' tank here on L.I. none of which even came close to these two.  I'm starting to think the love bug Scorpions should hire Jim as a consultant.

These guys are based at Paintball Sam's in WI 



Action Creek Tankers

Although the field is gone the name lives on.

Bret Golihew.

Bret is one of the first paintball tankers if not the very first.  He's easily the first to build an accurate tank looking machine and as much as I hate to admit it their Sherman is more accurate than our Tiger.  We sometimes like to think differently about the Tiger but the Sherman is really a first rate machine and an inspiration to us (we're still louder though hahaha).

This picture really captures the Sherman

action creek Sherman.jpg (54770 bytes)  The Action Creek Sherman

SSA-2002-0024.jpg (71970 bytes) SSA-2002-0007.jpg (70243 bytes) SSA-2002-0137.jpg (64623 bytes) SSA-2002-0148.jpg (69800 bytes)

Action_Creek_Turtle.jpg (23962 bytes)  The Action Creek Turtle, pic by Mike (Squig) Hinton

SSA-2002-0028.jpg (72534 bytes) SSA-2002-0136.jpg (73849 bytes)

SSA-2002-0008.jpg (73535 bytes)  The Action Creek Hummer

SSA-2002-0138.jpg (71523 bytes)  SSA-2002-0139.jpg (71513 bytes)



BB-01-D1-023.jpg (39097 bytes) Blue's Beast at EMR Paintball park in PA 


Blues_Beast_02.jpg (38687 bytes)  Blues_Beast_03.jpg (40149 bytes)

Two more of Blue's Beast

joint fury tank 1.jpg (40533 bytes)  I've been told that this one belongs to the Assassins Guild not Joint Fury

These three belong to the Hell Raisers and are based out of EMR

Boneheads_EMR_tank_1.jpg (38445 bytes)  Boneheads_EMR_tank_2.jpg (38575 bytes)  Boneheads_EMR_tank_3.jpg (38518 bytes)  Boneheads_EMR_tank_4.jpg (38614 bytes)

EMR-CC14-pav-007.jpg (82965 bytes)  EMR-CC14-pav--006.jpg (89210 bytes)  EMR-CC14-pav--005.jpg (89864 bytes)

EMR-CC14-pav-003.jpg (91291 bytes)

I'm hoping to get some more pictures of the third one when Dawn and I go to the Wild Geese game in March.

Some of the other PAV's at EMR

EMR_Delaware_Bushwackers_01.jpg (39276 bytes)  EMR_Delaware_Bushwackers_02.jpg (40811 bytes)  EMR_camo_car.jpg (38618 bytes)  


Automagnusfull-a.jpg (125339 bytes)  AUTOMAGNUS

spplat-2-0002-a.jpg (97706 bytes)  spplat-2-0002-b.jpg (35419 bytes)  spplat-2-0006-a.jpg (93338 bytes)  The rest are from Spplat 2 at EMR.  This is easily one of the best looking tanks out there playing in my opinion.  This is also one of the other tanks out there using a Supah valve to power it's cannon.

spplat-2-0003-a.jpg (69848 bytes)  spplat-2-0007-a.jpg (67369 bytes)

spplat-2-0076-A.jpg (77001 bytes)  spplat-2-0088-a.jpg (89080 bytes)  spplat-2-0089-a.jpg (82325 bytes)  spplat-2-0090-a.jpg (75497 bytes)  spplat-2-0091-a.jpg (82930 bytes)


Kell_Hounds_Wolf_Hound-001.jpg (86490 bytes)  Kell_Hounds_Wolf_Hound-002.jpg (99693 bytes) Raptor and Spork from the team Kell Hounds with their Wolf Hound just before the Viper Scenario 'Apocalypse Now' Viper Scenario in Forney Texas the last weekend in September 2002.

Kell_Hounds_WH-ANV-001a.jpg (77851 bytes)  Kell_Hounds_WH-ANV-002a.jpg (88343 bytes)  Kell_Hounds_WH-ANV-003a.jpg (80114 bytes)  Kell_Hounds_WH-ANV-004a.jpg (84367 bytes)  Gary sent these pictures in showing the Wolf Hound after it had been shot up at the Apocalypse Now event.

The Army of Darkness Modular PAV project!

AoD-704F.jpg (67769 bytes)  AoD-frontangle2.jpg (81436 bytes)  AoD-perm-frame-left.jpg (80129 bytes)

AoD-CWBW-angle1.jpg (68397 bytes)  AoD-CWBW-angle2.jpg (83490 bytes)  AoD-CWBW-rear.jpg (75935 bytes)

AoD-841F.jpg (81516 bytes)  AoD-844F.jpg (64672 bytes)


micro blast-001.JPG (89395 bytes)  Micro Blast at The Smakzone in Patterson Missouri.  Sent in by Bill Bailey of the Woodland Warriors.

Hickwars_tankwil_1.jpg (18804 bytes)  The HickWars tank.  I'm pretty sure that this is the galleries first go kart tank.  I think Rat Patrol and the Poop Slinger may use some go kart parts but those are pretty much custom everything machines.

hellh.jpg (5855 bytes)  The famous Tippmann Hellhound

Nov_99_Badger-web.jpg (66723 bytes) The Badger at ET paintball in NJ

3rivers_amphibious_assault_tank_2.jpg (87467 bytes)  The Three Rivers Amphibious Assault Tank

3rivers_armed_transport_2.jpg (83463 bytes)  The Three Rivers Armed Transport 

Mayberry_Marauders_patrol_vehicle.jpg (35693 bytes)  The Mayberry Marauders patrol vehicle 

Check out Not Bob!'s write up on the patrol car here.

paintball187-pav2.jpg (25027 bytes)  paintball187-pav3.jpg (4029 bytes)  paintball187-pav4.jpg (6531 bytes) at

tcpaintball_dare41.jpg (106242 bytes) T.C. Paintball tank at the 2001 DARE Big Game  

RC_tank.jpg (51688 bytes)  This is new to me although I have a friend who's been working on one for a while who forwarded this to me, we now have RC tanks out there.  This one belongs to Eric Kramer, the one with the tie on.  There are some more pictures of it at http://adamis.hypermart.net/tank/tank.htm

pic-FutureWar8_a.jpg (18664 bytes)  The two tanks at Futureball Paintball in Michigan

Team_R&L_Paintball_tank1_a.jpg (60970 bytes)  R&L Archery's tank   These guys are planning on adding a shell to it in the near future if all goes well.

aktionzonepaintball_tank_a.jpg (13718 bytes)  Aktion Zone's tank in Idaho

This one is built on a Dodge Raider 4x4

paintballpark_uk_tank.jpg (29879 bytes) Paintball Park 2000's tank in the U.K.

Mr_tail_othgat.jpg (286497 bytes)  I got word from Stephen M. Hipkiss that this is the M1A1GAT "Maggot" owned and operated by Hell Survivors Inc playfield aka HSI in Pinckney Michigan.

Under Construction Tanks

paintballtanks-org-tank1.jpg (62333 bytes)  This one is at www.paintballtanks.org it's currently on hold



battle4earth55_2.jpg (25459 bytes)  I've been told that this is the recently infamous Polaris tank that caused some bad feelings at the Wayne's World 2001 Grand Finale.


Unknown Tanks

Caveman of team 'Got Balls?' sent in this one from the Wayne's World 'Battle for Earth' 2000

O.K. still waiting on the scanner but I got word from an 88Arty through the WarPig tank talk forum that this isn't a paintball tank at all.  This is actually for carnival/amusement parks.  The cannon actually shoots tennis balls.  According to 88Arty the guy has four or so of these things in various states of disrepair (the one in this pic actually has a flat tire) and is selling them for 2K a piece.  88Arty believes that it would take at least twice that to make them functional.


The Scorpions Tank Team (Retired)

This machine was transferred to Cousins, it resided at their Coram warehouse prior to the 2003 LI Big Game.  George and I transported it to the Manchester field for the NJ Big Game.  We discovered that it had massive frame rot during that endeavor and we were actually a bit worried that it wouldn't make the trip.  It saw a little action at the NJ Big Game and has since then been deemed unsafe to drive due to the frame rot and has been retired as a field prop by the NJ manager Fred.


BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-LAV-001.jpg (80784 bytes)  The Scorpions have retired the Love Bug and are now fielding the LAV.  There are a lot more pictures of their new tank in the 2002 Big Game section that can be found in the Photo Archive.  As of the 2002 Big Game they had a bungee cord cannon that didn't quite work.

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-all-001.jpg (75213 bytes) BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-LAV-cannon-003.jpg (81409 bytes) BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-LAV-012.jpg (71950 bytes)

BG-01-sunday-008s.jpg (39436 bytes)  The Long Island Love Bug with it's crew the Scorpions

BG-01-sunday-002s.jpg (40413 bytes)  BG-01-sunday-003s.jpg (37652 bytes)  BG-01-sunday-019s.jpg (38007 bytes)

a few more of the Love Bug