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Tiger Tank FAQ's


1.  Does the cannon work?

Yes.  The Tiger uses a modified pneumatic potato gun that rear loads Nerf Pocket Rockets and gets between 200 and 220 fps using 60-65 psi.


2.  Does the turret turn?

Yes, the new turret built in April 2001 was the best working one but I haven't been happy with it lately.  You can ask George though I'm always looking to improve it.  I pulled it off this past spring (2004) and fiber glassed the bottom of the turret, which has improved the turning a lot   Next one will still be fiberglass, especially after seeing how well that worked with the AFX.  George and I have also considered buying a larger pallet carousel for the Tiger.


3.  What is it built on?

The original chassis is a 1983 Chevy S-10 pickup truck.  


4.  What's under the hood?

A Chevy small block 305 V-8.  I'd like to say we built it more for torque than horsepower but we built it more to stay within budget and it is completely stock with a 2 barrel carb.


5.  Is it insured?

Sometimes, usually on an event by event basis.


6.  Where do I get insurance for my tank?

We used to use Larry Cossio at the National Paintball Association, 864-297-9727 but that doesn't work anymore.  I used Joshua Wimberley Joshua@HoustonAssets.com to insure both the Tiger and AFX for Spplat 2 and wound up not bring either.  Last I heard Joshua can only insure tanks in Texas now and there isn't anyone insuring tanks elsewhere.  Apparently there is a slight loop hole in the Texas only issue.  It seems that since MXS is based in Texas tank outside of Texas can be insured at MXS events. 


7.  How is the tank eliminated during an event?

That depends on the field owner or event co-coordinator.  We do whatever they tell us to do for each event.  We've been taken out by grenades and we've also been an unstoppable 'Godzilla' like force, it all depends on the event


8.  How much does it cost?

We believe that we've spent a little over 8 thousand dollars over the past 4 years not counting transportation costs to events.


9.  Where do you shoot from?

There are gun ports under all of the windows except for the drivers.


10.  How many gunners does it carry?

It's designed to accommodate 5 comfortably but we've had as many as 8 active gunners on a combat run.  We just might be able to squeeze in one more to make it 9.


11.  What kind of paintball guns do you use?

Well I use a tricked out Auto-cocker, my wife Dawn uses her Tippmann Model 98 with a Flatline.  Butch is using a Tippmann '98 with the reactive trigger.  Kristian uses whatever we can borrow for him on that day.  George Uribe is using a Tippmann Model 98.  Andrew is also using a Tippmann Model 98 and Joe is using an E-Spyder.  For the 2001 Big Game the guys at the Tippmann booth lent us a '98 with a Flatline setup, that is quite possibly the best set up for a tank.


12.  How many people can it carry?

We're not sure, so far our record is 14 people (including the driver) for a troop insertion run.  We only had 3 active gunners during that run.  Although the suspension could take more I don't think we could get any more than that unless they give up their equipment.


13.  Why a German tank?

Well to be honest the Tiger is one of the most box like tanks which made it a lot easier.  Our model was a little toy micromachine and the limiting factor was the height of Georges garage door.  One of my grandmothers was in London during the German bombings of WWII and she gave me a bit of grief over building a 'German' tank.  George and I are also big fans of the Axis and Allies board game and playing the Axis powers tends to be more challenging than the Allies.


Events of the AF-Tiger


Long Island Big Game 1999 (broke down by lunch)

Long Island Big Game 2000 (considered our first event)


Long Island Big Game 2001

Boneheads Big'n 2001


Long Island Big Game 2002

Shatner Splatt Attack 2002


Cousins Big Game Part I 2003

Cousins Big Game Part II 2003

Cousins Big Game Part III 2003


Cousins Big Game Part I 2004

Cousins Big Game Part II 2004