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Tank Busters

This page may seem a little strange at first for a paintball tank page but it is a part of being a tanker.


Need a new one of  Demolition Goblin

The bane of many tanks in the Florida/Georgia area.

Rooster_1.jpg (46017 bytes)  Rooster

A grenadier we met at EMR, he does a lot of work at First Shot, a bit more than grenades!

reserved_for_Jackel.jpg (13675 bytes)  Jackel

I don't have this picture yet but he's the main cannon guy for Long Island

dave.jpg (40700 bytes)  Doc

Of the Bad Monkeys at MI2001 taking aim at a building

O.K. O.K. You don't want to see these guys you want your own paintball bazooka!

Check this one out then by the famous Bill Mills! (click the cannon!)

This is quite possibly the best write up on air cannons for paintball on the 'net!

Hint: check the bottom of Bill's page for the spud cannon web ring!

This site is a very complete spud gun site with a lot of good info (link was dead last time I checked will double check soon)

These guys have a section of their web site that's related to air cannons.

This link goes straight to Edge paintball's Air cannon page **WARNING** very annoying pop up ads!

The link on this picture goes to Lee Cross's belt fed potato cannon design.

Ponytails alternative Paintball weapons page

I can't believe I missed this one!  It may take some looking but Rusty has a wide variety of launchers (among other things!)

That should take care all the people looking to buy or build an air cannon.  First bit of good advise from me:  Be careful! these things can be very dangerous.  Second bit of good bit of advise Don't go with a combustion style cannon if you build your own.


Now for all of you looking for anit-tank tactics there really are none here but I've found several sites that do have that info (o.k. I could have sworn I had found a few sites with articles on this subject, I'm still looking!).  For all you tankers out there these are articles you should read because it lets you see through the eyes of the people looking to eliminate you!

So far Paintball Zone has the best articles up on this subject


This ones by Squeegie I believe of the Doom Troopers.  This is a good one so all you tankers read up and see what you're going to be facing!



This one is by Luke of Team Tried and Convicted of Orlando Florida and it sounds as if he's seen a lot of tank action over at Wayne's World.  This really isn't too surprising seeing that the Florida/Georgia area seems to be the hot spot for paintball tanks in America.

I'm pretty sure there a some more out there and I should have them up sometime tomorrow night most of the links I've found for this section are about cannons, I just have to find them again!