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Scorpions LAV Crew


BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-Alan-001.jpg (74354 bytes) BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-Alan-002.jpg (65204 bytes)  Alan Ballesteros

Alan is one of the founding members of the Scorpions Armor division and has been the driving force behind their tank endeavors. 

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-Harry-001.jpg (71962 bytes)  Harry Cortes

Harry is also one of the original members of their tank crew.

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-Kenny-001.jpg (70650 bytes) BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-Kenny-001.jpg (67639 bytes)  Kenny Chiusano

Kenny joined them last year to my knowledge.

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-Joe-001.jpg (71494 bytes)  Joe Cuzzo

I believe that Joe is one of this years new members

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-Sean-001.jpg (70460 bytes) BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-Sean-0078.jpg (71260 bytes) Sean Agagnina

Sean joined up with them this year too.

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-crew-Roger-001.jpg (70649 bytes)  Roger Walker

Roger is also one of this years new members of the crew.


As near as I can tell the Scorpions don't seem to have set positions like we do.  They tend to rotate between driving, gunner and turret gunner.  I also don't know what guns they use but it looks like Kenny uses an Angel.  There's another two members to their crew one of whom is Hector I'm pretty sure and I don't yet know the 8th guy.  Alan was struggling with their 'Love Bug' 6x6 for a few years now (pictured in the tank gallery).  It was pretty much dead by most peoples standards for quite some time and had served as the PBLI Big Game tank on several occasions with different shells before Alan and crew got a hold of it.  It's an older 6x6 that Alan was having a hard time getting parts for and it really needed them.  Despite plenty of nearly insurmountable problems they managed to field it several times.  It was something of a field joke for a few years as to who's tank would break down first, our Tiger or their Love Bug.

Not someone who gives up easily Alan did decide to get rid of the 6x6 chassis for this years game.  Getting a hold of a Toyota 4x4 and doubling the crew size from four to eight they proceeded to build a completely new paintball tank.  In a mere 4 weeks they built their Light Armored Vehicle and though it could use some minor improvements it is a much more enjoyable, respectable and formidable tank than that little 6x6 could ever hope to be.

We spent a lot of time comparing notes with them and I think that for next years Big Game they'll be using George's latest window design, increase their stereos power and they'll have a working air cannon (the bungee cord cannon didn't quite work).

BG-02-Sun-Scorpions-LAV-004.jpg (68454 bytes)