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Armored Fist


Striving to be the best resource on the internet

for paintball armored vehicles and tanks

Last updated 5-11-2006

Another wave of garbage is outgoing across the web pretending to come from this site, details on the Tank News page.  If you have received some garbage e-mail that seems to have come from this site do not open it or look at any attachments in it.  It didn't come from here. 


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Dark Ops

Tournament Pictures

Upcoming Events of the AF Team

2006 Tentative Schedule (Tank events only).

Pyro Paintball - NJ Nam - June 10th & 11th - AFX/?

Skirmish - Invasion of Normandy - July 15th & 16th - AFX/Panther

Three Rivers Paintball - Paintball Festival - July 27th-30th - AFX/?

Viper (EMR) - Operation Urgent Fury - August 5th - AFX/? (Very Tentative)

OA Paintball - Road Warrior - August 6th - AFX/? (Very Tentative)

Pyro Paintball - North vs. South - September 9th & 10th - AFX/Panther

OA Paintball - Battle of the Bulge III -December 10th - AFX/Panther


Cousins/Pev's - NJ Big Game - Date TBA - LI Tiger & AFX/Panther

Dawn and I are hoping that we will attend one of Ben Torricelli's games as well


All unscheduled Saturdays starting April 1st I will be at the Cousins/Pev's Coram Field with the AFX/Panther as part of their 'Dark Ops' Saturday Scenario games



There is a slight chance we may have the Panther out for an Airsoft game at Cousins in Coram one of these days.


Recent Events of the AF Team

Cousins/Pev's - LI Big Game - May 20th & 21st - LI Tiger & AFX/Panther


OA Paintball - Operation Ocean Tiger - May 7th - AFX/Panther 


West Point - 2006 Spring Game - April 22nd, 23rd - AFX/Panther


Return of the Sith, Outdoor Adventures MD, March 19, 2006 AFX/Panther


Battle of the Bulge, Outdoor Adventures MD, Dec 11, 2005 AFX/Panther


Battle for Kursk Bearclaw PB TN, Nov. 12, 13, 2005  AFX/Panther


West Point Fall game, Completely missed, scheduling conflict :(


Viper RTS at USANA NJ, no tank (broken tow vehicle)


Undertakers Katrina Benefit Game at Cousins NJ, AFX/Panther


Skirmish's Normandy Invasion 2005, no tank (security concerns)


IAO 2005, Blackcat's Trouble comes to Hazzard Butler PA, AFX/Panther


Cousins Big Game 2005 Part 2, Pinelands NJ, AF Tiger & AFX/Panther


Cousins Big Game 2005 Part 1, Coram NY, AF Tiger & Afx/Panther









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About Armored Fist:

This was started primarily to get our tank off of my personal earthlink page.  The Tank had pretty much taken all of that sites available space and there was a lot more I wanted to add.  Over the past two years Armored Fist has become much more than simply the Tiger's online home.  I like to now think of it as a home and resource for all of the Paintball Armored Vehicles out there and people interested in them

The Tiger Tank FAQs and Photo Archive sections are dedicated primarily to our Paintball Tiger Tank.  The Tank CrewsTank Stories, Tank Gallery, and Tank Names section are open to all paintball tanks, just send me a picture of your tank and any other details you want mentioned and I'll post it.  I also post any pictures that I take myself or those that are sent to me by others.  If there are any errors please let me know and I'll fix them.  The Tank Busters, Tank Rules and Tank Tips are good places to find out more about paintball tanks and are good places to start from if you're looking to build your own tank.


Just in case anyone is interested here's a link to my personal web site nothing really along the lines of tanks but lots of stuff on the rest of my life http://home.earthlink.net/~tj03


Contributing Authors:

Todd Meyer of the Gryphonians

Not Bob! of the Mayberry Marauders

Bill Tison of the HellFire Paintball Team

Jim Bergles owner of the 'Freak' in WI

David of the Bad Monkeys



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