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The Germanic Invaders Gallery


BC-Kursk-05_panther-paintball-tank_c3_0013.jpg (53871 bytes)  The AFX/ Panther.

P5160046-a.JPG (77317 bytes) SDD-071004-0002.jpg (66856 bytes)  SDD-071004-0113.jpg (84969 bytes) VFW-0162.jpg (103699 bytes) NJ_Promo-05-AFX-Panther_0007.jpg (183696 bytes) NJ_Promo-05-AFX-Panther_0015.JPG (122320 bytes)


Rick Tuck-PA1480-001a.jpg (113831 bytes)  Julius of the Julius Tank Team, sent in by Bill Bailey.  The Julius Tank Team is part of the German Team for the Oklahoma D-Day event.  Built by Rick Tuck and crew of 'Busted Stuff Engineering'.  An interesting quote from the Julius Tank web page:

Opponents are also afraid of what's often behind the wheel:
"Is that a GIRL driving that tank?"
"Uh oh - it's Mimi the Maniac."
Some Pictures from the 2004 Spring West Point game. Although Julius played on the US team that game which doesn't really fit with the 'Germanic Invaders', Julius is simply too cool and multiple examples are fine.

AF-WP-40304-0087.jpg (89263 bytes) AF-WP-40304-0086.jpg (115923 bytes) AF-WP-40304-0088.jpg (104332 bytes) AF-WP-40404-0117.jpg (95989 bytes) AF-WP-40404-0116.jpg (99898 bytes) AF-WP-40404-0119.jpg (81338 bytes)

And some pictures from the 2002 Shatner Spplat Attack.

SSA-2002-0022.jpg (65748 bytes) SSA-2002-0023.jpg (69409 bytes) SSA-2002-0026.jpg (63660 bytes) SSA-2002-0161.jpg (72347 bytes)

Definitely not two turrets you want pointed in your direction in that last pic ;)


half track TMP2_a.jpg (83290 bytes)  Steve 'German' Webb, Michael Paige 'Arms Minister' and crew of Team Hun with their  incredibly detailed SdKfz251 Half-Track.  This is the kind of detail that we are striving for with our Tiger.  These guys have matched the detail of Bret Golihew's Sherman.

half track TMP4_a.jpg (72125 bytes)  half track TMP5_a.jpg (62116 bytes)  half track TMP6_a.jpg (68616 bytes)

The Kanonenwagen 'Gen. Heinz Guderian'

tank_Counterstrike_12_640_480.jpg (40576 bytes)  This one's at

tank_640_480.jpg (38159 bytes)  tank_team1_640_480.jpg (33658 bytes)  tank_team2_640_480.jpg (35571 bytes)

The 'Teufel Schwein' of the Woodland Warriors 1st Mo. Mechanized

Scout_car-001.jpg (87613 bytes)  The new German Scout car for D-Day in Oklahoma, sent in by Bill Bailey.

Woodland Warriors cannon-001.jpg (38535 bytes)

The Woodland Warriors Cannon sent in by Bill Bailey.  Bill has 6 of these that they use (to stop American tanks) at the Bunker Extreme D-Day in Oklahoma.

I was sent this picture last June from STP showing his Panzer Hetzer T38 when it was at D-Day '03.  I really should have put it here some time ago.

hetzert38.jpg (44164 bytes)


   Although the side plates remind me of the Panzer IV this is a pretty accurate version of a Hetzer.  Actually if he paints the side plates like Bret's Sherman was originally painted there'd be no mistaking it for those familiar with German armor.  One things for sure considering the trouble the Shermans had with the Tiger and Panthers these things must have been even harder to penetrate.  For those of you who don't recognize this here's a site with a lot of info on the Hetzers.

SDD-071004-0038.jpg (68201 bytes)  This was the German 6-wheeler from Skirmish D-Day 2004.  This is also the first tank that Dawn scored a tank kill on, earning the AFX/Panther it's first barrel ring.

SNI-2005_2-0081.jpg (89784 bytes) SNI-2005_2-0082.jpg (114156 bytes) SNI-2005_2-0080.jpg (111423 bytes) SNI-2005_2-0084.jpg (67115 bytes) SNI-2005_2-0088.jpg (69163 bytes) SNI-2005_2-0091.jpg (66789 bytes)


Frida-tank-001.jpg (70592 bytes)  These are pictures of Frida from Skirmish D-Day 2004.  Although I didn't get to really get some good details on this tank I did notice that it had a household A/C unit installed.  I hope they've had better luck with that than we did.

Frida-tank-002.jpg (67856 bytes)  Frida-tank-003.jpg (52151 bytes)  Frida-tank-004.jpg (46702 bytes)



Tiger Tanks

Since they're becoming so popular I'm putting all the Tiger tanks into their own sub category.

Cousins_BG05_Coram_c1_0004.jpg (70766 bytes)  The LI Tiger.  While its new makeover does look fantastic, it's not the most realistic Tiger but I'm leaving in the first position since it was the first Tiger I knew of. ;)  I'm no longer involved with this tank anymore, pretty much George and Butch are it's driving forces, although Butch has talked about turning his Jeep into a Sherman.

Cousins_BG05_Coram_c1_0002.jpg (75261 bytes) Cousins_BG05_Coram_c1_0003.jpg (60121 bytes) Cousins_BG05_Coram_c1_0006.jpg (54933 bytes) Cousins_BG05_Coram_c1_0014.jpg (66057 bytes) Cousins_BG05_Coram_c1_0108.jpg (83506 bytes)

George_Me_Rob_tank-2.jpg (56264 bytes) BG-01-sunday-017s.jpg (40526 bytes)  BG-01-sunday-027s.jpg (40865 bytes)  d2-7-14-01-006s.jpg (40210 bytes)

The Konigstiger (King Tiger) 'Rommel' (Thanks Jim B)



Heath Riley, also responsible for the Hetzer below sent me this shot of his new Tiger.  This is quite possibly the most impressive tank yet.

full-size-tiger-a.jpg (85738 bytes)

Heath-bwtiger-sm.JPG (105770 bytes) Heath-tigerinthebrush-md.jpg (87417 bytes) full-size-Tiger-002.jpg (75750 bytes) full-size-Tiger-001.jpg (78110 bytes) full-size-Tiger-003.jpg (73977 bytes)


PC-Tiger1-001a.jpg (101083 bytes)  Panzer Commander's King Tiger premiered at the Michigan Monster Game 2001 hosted by Exotic sportz in Pickney Mi.  I haven't seen it yet but it's a lawn mower based tank that is somewhat larger than a car. 

PC-Tiger1-002a.jpg (110545 bytes) PC-Tiger1-003a.jpg (79848 bytes) PC-Tiger1-005a.jpg (95463 bytes) PC-Tiger1-006a.jpg (99477 bytes) PC-Tiger1-007a.jpg (110522 bytes)


I'll be putting the Blackhearts Tiger that resides at Bear Claw here shortly.




  Kyle "Kyote" DeVries should be sending in some pictures of his tank soon.

  Bob lost his tank base to a barn fire but is still planning on building a King Tiger as soon as he can.


A little background for those who are interested.  The Panzer V Panther and Panzer VI Tiger/King Tiger shared some similarities.  From what I've read the Panther was the most cost effective to build and wasn't much less combat worthy than the Tiger I.  Our Tiger is roughly based on the Tiger I.  Two movies that it's been shown in is 'Kelly's Heroes' and 'Saving Private Ryan'.  The King Tiger or Tiger II had a much greater slope to it's Armor (50 degrees opposed to 81 degrees) and it's armor was about 50% thicker, possibly because of the greater slope.  The Tiger II's turret was a bit longer and because of the slope much narrower.  The two Tigers also had different mud flaps for the tracks.  With the armors angle the nose of the Tiger II looked much different than the Tiger I.  The driver of the Tiger II didn't have the window the driver of the Tiger I had instead he had a periscope.  It's sad to say that these monsters outclassed our Sherman's at the time in most important areas.  In fact they were designed to not only equal the massive Soviet T-34 that had stunned the Germans at first but to take tanks a step beyond the T-34.  The Tigers armor was so thick that shells fired from a Sherman literally bounced off of it's front armor, while shells fired from the Tigers were known to pass completely through Sherman tanks.  I saw a WWII vet on television once and he survived such a shot as it passed between his legs.  The only areas that the Sherman surpassed the Tigers were in dependability, ease of maintenance and finally production.  My friend and team captain Paul Sherman's father was talking to a German tanker near the end of the war and the German claimed "Our Tigers were as good as 10 of your Shermans, but you always seemed to have 15".  George was telling me that our M26 Pershing tank that showed up at the end of the war was equal to the Tiger but I haven't read anything on any Tiger vs. Pershing battles.