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Freak Does head stands

By Jim Bergles

       It was a rush this week end. With the tanks and the cannon and the extra rules the players had a riot shooting us up. They missed a camera shot though . I met the love duck on the road and my laser sensor was taking hits. I turned to get out of the way and found myself facing the woods off the trail. I could no longer see the other tank. Soo I turned back and gave him my side and just started to hose the trail and clear everybody off it. I saw the tank had his nose facing to my front but I had to get off the trail and down about a 4 foot drop at 75 degrees angle. I edged the freak up to the tetter point and let it slowly point down , I though it was going to be slow. Next thing I know the weight takes it over the tip point and with the brakes on it nosed right over and stopped on the front bumper. I quick let off the break and it rolled out of it. Some guy came up to me and went(say this in your best CAlifornia surfer voice)


" DUDE I got to shake your hand, That was the best driving I seen all day!! I was right thier and you had all 6 wheels off the ground!! It was standing right on the nose!!" Well the pucker factor was really tight when I had my feet on the dash hanging onto the steering wheel. I made it down the slope, flanked the tank cleared out most of that side and got hit by a satchel charge any way. the players here loved the satchel charges for  use against tanks. You just have to make them light enough so the only can fly about 15 feet. That forces the player to get in close to use it.


PS The cannon worked great. We were up to 100 balls at 45 psi but that only went about 50 yards. 25 balls at 45 psi will go 100 yards. 1 tank kill with it then the crew got waxed from the side.