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Armored Fist Historic Crew

With the split between the Tiger and the Panther I'm doing some slight modifications here and there, although I don't think I'll be doing any more changes to this page from now on.

Secondary Crew pages for the tanks can be found here:

AFX/Panther Crew

LI Tiger Crew


Founding Members

BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-TJ-001.jpg (79600 bytes) TJ_Allcot_and_tank.JPG (17025 bytes)  BG-03-5-18-D1-007_07-TJ.jpg (82180 bytes) Cousins_BG05_Coram_TJ-Allcot_0029.jpg (126367 bytes)  

T.J. Allcot

Position: AFX Driver, Former Tiger Navigator/Cannon Loader/Turret Gunner, 

Gun: Tippmann A-5 or Eclipse Ego

I'm the one who started our whole tank project.  I had wanted to build a tank almost two years before we actually built the proto type.  About a year before that tank I had a Toyota Corolla that I was going to build into a tank, unfortunately I drove it into a couple of trees about two weeks before the 1997 Big Game and that was the end of that potential tank.  The rest as they say is history and is documented in the Tank Stories section in the First Article.  These days I have little to nothing to do with the Tiger and I've abdicated all ownership claims of it and have taken to calling it either the Long Island Tiger, George's Tiger or George and Butch's Tiger.


JIMMAY!-001.jpg (38191 bytes)  JIMMAY!  

The Armored Fist Jimmy Memorial

Jimmy was one of the founding members of the tank crew.  After all the aggravation and all the years I still considered him to be one of my closer friends.  



BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-George-001.jpg (75716 bytes) George-001.jpg (38434 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0034-a.jpg (80843 bytes) George-Povey-NJ-2004-001.jpg (62354 bytes) Cousins_BG05_Coram_George-Povey_0052.jpg (105646 bytes)

George Povey

Position: Tiger Driver

Gun: None at this time.

George has been involved one way or another with the tank since day one.  He was hooked after the first time we made a big hit on the field with our proto type tank and in many ways is the reason why we've gotten as far as we have with the Tiger.  George keeps the tank in his backyard much to his wife's dismay and he's the person who did the most towards keeping my crazy ideas under control.  He also provides the Tiger with what we call 'The Power of George' this is similar to the Jedi mind trick and recently helped him get all access passes to the Daytona 500 for him and several FDNY members who were also at the race. That one picture of George drinking was taken after the first day of the 2004 NJ game when we were all at the hotel relaxing by the pool.



BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-Butch-001.jpg (74445 bytes) Butch and Tiger-001.jpg (66264 bytes) BG-03-5-18-0005-a.jpg (96707 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0039.jpg (111553 bytes) Butch 

Position:  Tiger Driver or Rear Gunner, Chief Mechanic

Gun: Tippmann Model 98 with Reactive Trigger

Butch is the main person who keeps the Tiger in operating conditions.  Butch is a member of George's dart team that got sucked into the tank.  I may be the one who comes up with all the crazy ideas for the tank but Butch is the guy who manages to keep everything running.  Although he didn't have a good year in 2001 with the tank (he had to leave half way through the Big Game and didn't go with us to EMR) he pretty much kept us in the game using a Leatherman and some Duct tape.  Butch has also driven the Tiger during some games to give George a break, probably a bit more than I have 


BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-Dawn-001.jpg (71292 bytes) Dawn S-001.jpg (37511 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0075.jpg (43653 bytes) Dawn-Allcot-SDD-002.jpg (61106 bytes) DawnA_model-98.jpg (29992 bytes) Dawn Allcot

Position: Public Relations liaison, Tiger gunner,  AFX cannon operator/Gunner.

Gun: Tippmann Model 98 

Dawn is now my wife (wedding pictures can be seen here: http://home.earthlink.net/~tj03/Info.htm ) and is a professional freelance writer who recently took the position of Editor for Paintball Sports international .  She started becoming an active member of the tank crew during the 2001 Big Game and was one of the gunners at the 2001 Boneheads Big'n (she actually hit more people than I did then).  Recently we upgraded her Model 98 to have a Flatline barrel and she loves it even more.


Kristian-001.jpg (40526 bytes) BG-03-5-18-0002-a.jpg (88675 bytes) General-Fitz--0001.jpg (82381 bytes) BG-04-Kristian_Fitzpatrick-001.jpg (104008 bytes) Kristian Fitzpatrick

Position: Forward gunner, chief target

Gun: Automag R/T

Kristian aka: General Fitz is one of the tanks most enthusiastic members during events.  For some strange reason he loves popping up out of the hatch and shooting from an exposed position.  This is great since the people playing get someone from the tank to shoot at and therefore don't shoot at the drivers window as much.  Kristian still doesn't actually have his own gun, he's been using JIMMAY!'s automag.


RS-day-six-002.jpg (77844 bytes) George-Uribe-NJ-2004-001.jpg (100999 bytes) George Uribe

Position: Turret gunner, Tiger Cannon operator

Gun: Tippmann Model 98

George finally got to go out on a few combat runs in the Tiger at the Cousins 2003 Big Game Part 1.  He missed the morning session but there's at least three more events this year.  George is also a cannon guy and is the guy who introduced me to the Zoeller valve.  George is currently working on some modifications to the cannon setup in the Tiger for the 2004 Cousins Big Game in NJ.


BG-03-5-18-0014-and.jpg (63326 bytes) Andrew-Povey-NJ-2004-001.jpg (74286 bytes) Andrew-Povey-NJ-2004-002.jpg (69547 bytes) Andrew Povey

Position: Hatch gunner

Gun: Tippmann Model 98

Now that Andrew has become a regular crew member he's going to be leaving us.  Andrew has joined the Army and is hoping to become the driver of an M1-Abrams.

No picture yet  Joe

Position: Hatch gunner

Gun: E-Spyder

Joe is a volunteer firefighter at the Coram Firehouse.  He's played the past two events and seems to be a regular on the crew now.

BG-03-7-13-0023.jpg (88803 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0024.jpg (102120 bytes)  Brian

Brian joined us again at the Coram game in 2004 along with his dad for runs in both tanks and will likely be joining us in NJ.


BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-MrP-001.jpg (72352 bytes) BG-03-5-18-D1-002_02-a.jpg (51774 bytes) Mr_P-8-24-03-0032a.jpg (71965 bytes) BG-02-Sun-AF-MrP-gun-001-a.jpg (45068 bytes) MrP.

Position:  Roaming Gunner

Gun:  We borrowed a Tippmann Model 98 from Tom Ghee for MrP.

MrP. is George's dad.  Although he's not quite as enthusiastic about being bounced around in the tank as General Fitz he's been having a good time with us.  Right now George and MrP. are talking about buying a Tippmann together, either a Flatline 98 or maybe an A-5.  Mr. P recently retired, sold his house and is in the process of moving to Florida, he might become an inactive member, although you never know, he might come up for the LI Big Game.


Stripe-001.jpg (64761 bytes)  Stripe

Position:  Chief Security Officer

Gun: None

Stripe has been with us for many years now and sort of our mascot.  I believe that Alan may be offering some sort of price on his head.  The Scorpions have a small noose hanging from the mirror of their tank that they say is reserved for Stripe.  I think that their current tank has earned Stripes respect and I don't think that he'll be bothering them any more hahaha.  

Well I guess that Stripe decided to send the whammy over to the old Scorpions tank which now belongs to Cousins.  They made 1 and a half runs for the May 2003 Big Game over at Coram and broke down.


Dawn Povey.jpg (36987 bytes)  Dawn Povey

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Gun: Don't ask, just know that she can't use it in the tank!

Dawn is George's wife and is gaining a lot of Karmic points by putting up with us.  



Auxiliary Crew Members

BG-03-7-13-0030.jpg (90958 bytes) BG-03-7-13-0033.jpg (79055 bytes)  Jimmy


Pep-001.jpg (39071 bytes) Pep

Position: Honorary member of tank crew

Gun: N/A

Pep is a member of George's dart team who is a great guy that really helped us out last year.  Several times in he helped us with the tank, loading it on the trailer, towing it to the exhaust shop and bringing it back.  He pretty much did all of this for us on a moments notice at that too.

Honorable Mentions:

Erica Okessen: Erica let us borrow her S-10 Blazer so we could tow the tank to the Skirmish 2000 world record attempt.

Paul Monfre:  Paul let us borrow his Toyota Land Cruiser so we could tow the tank to the 2001 Boneheads Big'n at EMR Paintball Park.


Inactive crew members

BG-02-Sun-AF-Tiger-crew-Rob-001.jpg (71341 bytes) Rob and Tiger-001.jpg (73943 bytes)  Rob


Gun: Tippmann Model 98

Rob made the mistake of living a few houses away from George and did a lot to help us with the tank, including storing it in his backyard for the first year of the Tiger.