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Armored Fist X-periment

BC-Kursk-05_panther-paintball-tank_c3_0013.jpg (53871 bytes)

The AFX is what I like to think of as the Third Generation Armored Fist tank.  There are things I don't like about the Tiger that I was hoping to address by building the AFX.  It's been quite an interesting (and expensive) learning experience and it still isn't finished and yet I've taken it to four events so far.  Dawn has even gotten her first tank kill when we were at Skirmish D-Day.  2005 is looking to be an even better year. 


1.  Does the cannon work?

Yes.  The AFX currently uses a modified pneumatic potato gun that rear loads Nerf Pocket Rockets and gets between 200 and 220 fps using 60-65 psi that is very similar to the Tigers.


2.  Does the turret turn?

Yes, the AFX in it's Panther configuration uses a fiberglass turret that spins on a pallet carousel.  I'm hoping to soon install the electric motors to control the turret spin and main cannon elevation


3.  What is it built on?

The original chassis is a 2-door 1990 Chevy S-10 Blazer with 4 wheel drive.


4.  What's under the hood?

The stock Chevy 4.3 liter V-6.  


5.  Is it insured?

Sometimes, usually on an event by event basis.  Lately we've been stipulating to the fields and scenario producers of the events we take it to that we have no problem taking it to their event as long as they handle the insurance issues.


6.  Where do I get insurance for my tank?

We used to use Larry Cossio at the National Paintball Association, 864-297-9727 but that doesn't work anymore.  I used Joshua Wimberley Joshua@HoustonAssets.com to insure both the Tiger and AFX for Spplat 2 and wound up not bring either.  Last I heard Joshua can only insure tanks in Texas now and there isn't anyone insuring tanks elsewhere.  Apparently there is a slight loop hole in the Texas only issue.  It seems that since MXS is based in Texas tank outside of Texas can be insured at MXS events. 


7.  How is the tank eliminated during an event?

That depends on the field owner or event co-coordinator.  We do whatever they tell us to do for each event.  We've been taken out by grenades and we've also been an unstoppable 'Godzilla' like force, it all depends on the event.  Personally I prefer the Nerf rocket elimination, usually one shot with one from another tanks main gun will take out a tank 


8.  How much does it cost?

I've no idea.  I'm sure it was a lot more than I originally thought but less than the Tiger.


9.  Where do you shoot from?

There are gun ports all around the tank.  Although at this time shooting forward is a bit of a problem I am thinking up some stuff to fix that.


10.  How many gunners does it carry?

The AFX comfortably seats 4 or possibly 5 comfortably depending on how they sit.  Once the turret is complete it should be able to handle another 2 comfortably.  We have squeezed in 7 so far with 6 gunners and one observer but that was pretty tight. 


11.  What kind of paintball guns do you use?

Well I'm now using either an Eclipse Ego or a Tippmann A-5, my wife Dawn uses either a Karnivor, modified Custom Pro E with an Engler blade trigger and a cyclone feed or her Tippmann Model 98.  Our nephews Michael and Steven both own Spyders but tend to use a wide variety of guns in our travels.  Michael favors a SP Nerve and Steven likes Egos.  Kim Morin uses an Ion but I expect that to change this year.


12.  How many people can it carry?

We're not sure, so far our record is seven people (including the driver), although I think once the turret is finished we could possibly do nine.


13.  Why a German tank?

Well to be honest I was originally trying to build a M1-A2 Abrams.  That didn't work out that well and you can see the pictures on the AFX page.  I picked the German Panther because I felt it was reasonably suited to be built on an automotive chassis.  Although I could have done a Sherman as well, I felt that would be inconsiderate towards Bret Golihew.  I also considered the new British Scorpion tank since it has it's turret further back but I decided to stick to the WWII era for now and a Panther would go well with the Tiger if we ever can go to an event with both of them on the same side.


14.  Are you going to build any more tanks?

I'm already thinking about a third tank.  Although I won't be doing any work on that until I have a real garage of my own.



2004 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram LI - half day

2004 - Skirmish D-Day

2004 - IAO/Blackcat Scenario - Butler PA

2004 - Cousins NY Big Game - Plattekill/Newburgh NY

2005 - Cousins LI Big Game - Coram NY

2005 - Cousins NJ Big Game - Manchester NJ

2005 - IAO/Blackcat Scenario - Butler PA

2005 - Undertakers Katrina Charity event - Cousins NJ - Manchester NJ

2005 - Bear Claw PB Battle of Kursk - Fayetteville TN

2005 - OA Paintball Battle of the Bulge - Bowie MD