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AFX/Panther Crew

This page was one of the ones hammered by the problems I've been having with Armored Fist.  Round three, still haven't fixed the links yet but most of the pictures are back.  Also the 'Panther Tour' has been updated and expanded with a picture from each event.


T.J. Allcot

Cousins_BG05_Coram_TJ-Allcot_0029.jpg (126367 bytes) TJ-Allcot-photographer-WP-fall04-0089.jpg (92241 bytes) TJ-Allcot_SB-90504-0157.jpg (52999 bytes) TJ-Allcot_indoor_9854.JPG (83525 bytes) TJ-Allcot_DarkOps_11-11-06_0266.JPG (103708 bytes) TJ-Allcot_0057.jpg (115392 bytes)

Position: AFX Driver

Guns: Tippmann A-5, Eclipse Ego, occasionally the Double Trouble, Nikon D70.

I have on occasion picked up either my A-5 or Ego when the tank is in park and have squeezed into the turret to help out the regular gunners.  During the 2006 LI Big Game I got to use the Double Trouble after the Panther had been immobilized by a grenade. 


Dawn Allcot

BG05_Coram_Dawn-Allcot-Panther_0027.jpg (108558 bytes) Dawn-Allcot-SDD-002.jpg (61106 bytes) Dawn_5386.JPG (88559 bytes) Dawn-Allcot_EMR_Saints_06_0008.JPG (95147 bytes) Dawn_TRP_2006_0003.JPG (97661 bytes) Dawn_OOT_0072.JPG (93202 bytes)

Position: Cannon operator, Turret Gunner, Marketing & Promotions

Guns: Tippmann Custom Pro w/ Engler Trigger, cyclone feed and CP barrel, custom SpecOps dagger vest, VForce Profilers Dawn pretty much coordinates everyone in the AFX/Panther. During the 2006 scenario season, she got <XX> tank kills, Dawn pretty much coordinates everyone in the AFX/Panther. During the 2006 scenario season, she got somewhere between 6 and 12 tank kills, including a super-long shot on the Automagnus at OA Paintball.


Michael Schloesser

BG05_Coram_Michael-Schloesser_0023.jpg (108291 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_BG04-3_0074.jpg (61602 bytes) Michael-Schloesser-SP-Nerve-c1_0140.jpg (114648 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_8-26-06_7135.jpg (101051 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_10-09-06_9889.JPG (71289 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_10-09-06_9867.JPG (92084 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_10-09-06_9893.JPG (101277 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_EMR_Saints_06_0513.JPG (94756 bytes)

Michael-Schloesser_Baseball_0445.jpg (73264 bytes) Michael-Schloesser_Baseball_0631.jpg (89859 bytes)

Position: Turret Gunner, Cannon operator,  Double Trouble operator

Gun: SP Ion, Kingman Spyder

Michael recently got his permit so in another year we'll have one more person to help with the driving when we take the tank to events hahaha.  Michael is very serious about Baseball and is hoping to go pro one day.


Steven Schloesser

BG05_Coram_Steven-Schloesser_0025.jpg (105379 bytes) Steven-Schloesser-BG04-3_0073.jpg (87434 bytes) Steven_Schloesser-XSV-Ego-c1_0137.jpg (124090 bytes) Steven-Schloesser-VTF-Tactical-Autococker-c2_0137.jpg (104312 bytes) Steven-Schloesser_8-26-06_7100.JPG (137746 bytes) Steven-Schloesser_8-26-06_7137.JPG (119053 bytes) Steven-Schloesser_EMR_Saints_06_0606.JPG (86199 bytes) Steven-Schloesser_EMR_Saints_06_0806.JPG (105595 bytes)

Steven-Schloesser_Skate_0062.jpg (88170 bytes) Steven-Schloesser_Skate_0110.JPG (94556 bytes)

Position: Turret Gunner, cannon operator, Double Trouble operator

Gun: Kingman Spyder, Zeus pistol, (Steven also uses my Eclipse Ego every chance he gets)

Steven seems to use a different gun almost every time I see him playing, people just seem to like lending him their guns.  Which helps keep him away from my Ego, well sometimes, hahaha.  In addition to Skating Steven is also an avid surfer.



Rocco_DarkOps_051306_0001.JPG (173552 bytes) Rocco-DarkOps_051306_0054.JPG (176674 bytes) Rocco_NJNam_2006_0215.JPG (63287 bytes) Rocco_NJNam_2006_c1_0104.JPG (106000 bytes) Rocco_DarkOps_051306_0123.JPG (101487 bytes) Rocco_NJNam_2006_c1_0103.JPG (63425 bytes)

Position: Gunner

Gun: SP8

Rocco also plays with the Assassins Tactical Paintball Team.  


Tom Allcot

Tom_Allcot_0001.JPG (128178 bytes) TomA_DarkOps_11-11-06_0154.JPG (91544 bytes)

Position: Tow vehicle driver, Gunner

Gun: None of his own but he used my 05 Ego.

My joined the Armored Fist Panther crew, his first actual game as a gunner was the 11-11-06 Dark Ops game in Coram.  Although most of the time he was shooting from the disabled Panther due to a dead battery.  The Assassins Tactical Paintball Team managed to take out the disabled Panther despite my dads efforts to take out their LAWs player.  Although he's moving to North Carolina soon he's going to be helping us extend the range of the Panther if I manage to straighten out our current tow vehicle problems.  He's also taken some pictures of me playing but he need a bit of work there, hahaha. 

Panzer Allcot

Panzer_front-seat_0007.JPG (97036 bytes) Panzer_0010.JPG (44378 bytes) 


Position: Tank Mascot

Gun: N/A

Panzer was actually born on the front seat of the Panther.  In that first pic he's the one in the upper right hand corner.


The Armored Fist Panther is proudly sponsored by



Honorary Crew Members

Honorary members are people who have helped us out in the Panther and we like to consider part of the crew.  Generally though they are committed to other teams.

Bea Youngs

Bea-Youngs-BG05-LI_0032.jpg (84744 bytes) Bea-Youngs-BG05-LI_0172.jpg (67195 bytes) Bea_IAO-04_0163.JPG (59674 bytes)

Position: Red General 2005 LI Big Game

Gun: I'm pretty sure she was using a Black DM5

Bea finally took a ride with us in the AFX and was our commander for the LI Big Game.  I believe Bea is currently one of the coaches for the tourney team LTZ and playing on Destiny.  Dawn and Bea hit it off when they first met and have been friends ever since.


Jen Mahoney aka JHoney

JHoney-EMR_Saints_06_0862.JPG (75367 bytes) JHoney-Dsc_0087.jpg (100054 bytes) JHoney-Dsc_0114.jpg (59925 bytes) JHoney-EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0092.JPG (94281 bytes) JHoney-EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0093.JPG (125994 bytes) JHoney-EMR_Saints_06_0270.JPG (83887 bytes) JHoney-EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0162.JPG (91360 bytes) JHoney-EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0095.JPG (128923 bytes)

Position: Gunner, auxiliary driver

Gun: E-Bladed WGP '05 Pro-Stock Autococker

Jen is actually a member of Trial by Fire one of the teams of Joint Fury out of EMR.  She happens to be one of the few people who have actually driven the Panther. Since then I've been teasing her boyfriend Tom, who happens to be the team captain of Trial by Fire, that we were going to abduct her onto Armored Fist.  From what I've seen Jen is a savvy player who can be very aggressive on the field when needs be and she's got excellent field communication, that one I learned while driving the Panther during the 06 NJ Nam game while she was out in the field pushing the VC and she helped us out against a LAWS crew.


Matty Poole

Matty-EMR_CC_XXI_c4_0163.JPG (110316 bytes) Matty-EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0053.JPG (93211 bytes) Matty-EMR_CC_XXI_c1_0001.JPG (132169 bytes)

Position: Gunner

Gun:  Evil Pimp

Matty is actually a member of Blues Crew and one of our sponsors with Hoffman Paintball. 


Rick 'Deadguy' 

Rick-Deadguy_BG05_0017.jpg (93111 bytes) Rick-Deadguy_001.JPG (86035 bytes)

Position: Gunner

Gun: Evil Pimp

Rick is also a member of Blues Crew and one of our sponsors with Mr. Dead Guy Dezignz Custom Vinyl Decals


Debra Dion Krischke

Debra_IAO-2004-0110.jpg (61189 bytes)

Position: Gunner, Tank Engineer

Gun: Most likely anything she wants.

Sometimes I think that Debra is one of the reasons why Dawn and I have continued as far as we have with the Panther. 



DaveA_EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0114.JPG (66403 bytes)

Position: Gunner

Gun:  I think Dave uses everything, he certainly knows just about everything about paintball guns.


Rob 'Tyger' Rubin

Tyger_EMR_CC_XXI_c5_0036.JPG (78555 bytes) Tyger_EMR_CC_XXI_c1_0133.JPG (84458 bytes)

Position: Gunner

Gun:  Tyger seems to prefer either pump guns and Automags but I really don't know what he uses on a regular basis.  Tyger is also huge, like 6'6" huge, o.k. maybe 6'4" or 6'2", at this time he really doesn't fit well in the Panther.  He was riding with us during the 2005 LI Big Game before I setup the current netting on the turret and he took a hot hit in his goggles that actually split the lens and split his lip slightly, wasn't a good day for Tyger.


Blue & Sue Hanse

Blue-Sue_BG05_0069.jpg (107258 bytes)

Action Bob

Action-Bob_BG05_0148.jpg (81641 bytes) Action-Bob_NJNam_0162.JPG (105911 bytes)


Pixie_EMR_Saints_06_0430.JPG (85543 bytes) Pixie_EMR_Saints_06_0687.JPG (96089 bytes)

All other members of Blues Crew as well.

BC_BG05_0037.jpg (116392 bytes) 


Canadian Contingent 

Members of CanCon were the first 'guest gunners' to ride in the Panther at its debut for the LI Big Game 2004.


Ed-Tunis_Shatner-04_0395.jpg (62290 bytes)

Ed 'Pirate Gent' Tunis

Position: Tank Engineer, gunner to be

Gun: I've no idea at this time.  Ed had a Tippmann 98 with a custom Tommy Gun shell stolen from him at the 3rd Shatner game.


Inactive Crew Members

Kim Morin

Kim-Morin_0068.jpg (84293 bytes) Kim-Morin_0062.jpg (87696 bytes)

Position: Gunner

Gun: SP Ion



Position: Gunner

Gun: Tippmann A-5

Kim & Jerry moved out to Las Vegas, so I'm moving them into 'Inactive'.  They will always be welcome aboard the Panther and are still considered to be part of the crew, the distance though is a bit of a problem.




Dawn and Kim got together with Matty from Hoffman Paintball and setup some really cool tank crew Jerseys for the Panther crew.  They're done with a digital camo pattern with the AFX-Panther logo and Paintball Sports logos.  When turned inside out they also have a 'ref' appearance which can be a real benefit when mechanical problems arise out in the field.

AFX-Panther_Jersey_0004.jpg (159623 bytes) AFX-Panther_Jersey_0002.jpg (167242 bytes) AFX-Panther_Jersey_0007.jpg (124281 bytes)

Miscellaneous pictures

WorldCup-2004-Bea-Youngs-Dawn-Allcot-0025.jpg (62013 bytes) Dawn-Bea-001.jpg (99960 bytes) Dawn-Allcot_Kim-Morin-LCP-Grail_0061.jpg (66835 bytes) NJNam_2006_0231.JPG (129929 bytes) NJNam_2006_0214.JPG (104961 bytes)

BC-Kursk-05_panther-paintball-tank_c3_0013.jpg (53871 bytes) BC-Kursk-05_PEVs_panther-paintball-tank_c1_0016.jpg (67867 bytes) OA_BotB_2005_Panther-Paintball-Tank_0145.jpg (91531 bytes) IAO-2005_paintball-tank_AFX-Panther_0078.jpg (111330 bytes)

AFX-Manhattan_0003.jpg (85606 bytes) AFX-Manhattan_0005.jpg (101920 bytes) AFX-Manhattan_0007.jpg (86068 bytes)

AFX/Panther Tour of Duty


2004 - Cousins - LI Big Game - Coram LI - half day

2004 - Skirmish - 2004 D-Day

2004 - IAO/Blackcat - Blue's Brothers Scenario - Butler PA

2004 - Cousins - NY Big Game - Plattekill/Newburgh NY

2005 - Cousins - LI Big Game - Coram NY

2005 - Cousins - NJ Big Game - Manchester NJ

2005 - IAO/Blackcat - Hazzard Scenario - Butler PA

2005 - Undertakers - Katrina Charity event - Cousins NJ - Manchester NJ

2005 - Bear Claw PB - Battle of Kursk - Fayetteville TN

2005 - OA Paintball - Battle of the Bulge - Bowie MD

2006 - OA Paintball - Revenge of the Sith - Bowie MD

2006 - West Point - Vietnam game - West Point Academy NY

2006 - OA Paintball - Operation Ocean Tiger

2006 - Cousins - LI Big Game - Coram NY

2006 - Cousins - 5/13/06 Dark Ops - Coram NY 

2006 - Pyro/USANA - NJ Nam - Pittsgrove NJ

2006 - Airsoft - 7-9-06 Big Game - Coram NY

2006 - Skirmish ION

2006 - TRP Paintball Festival/Blackcat - Team America - Freedom PA

2006 - Cousins - 11/11/06 Dark Ops - Coram NY



AFX/Panther Tour of Duty - pictures



Panther-0001_2004_Coram-BG_0045.jpg (91680 bytes) Panther-0002_2004_SDD_0002.jpg (66856 bytes) Panther-0003_2004_IAO_0032.jpg (76465 bytes) Panther-0004_2004_Plattekill-BG_0011.jpg (76573 bytes)



Panther-0005_2005_Coram-BG_0109.jpg (129230 bytes) Panther-0006_2005_NJ-BG_0024.jpg (106534 bytes) Panther-0007_2005_IAO_0127.jpg (95318 bytes) Panther-0008_2005_NJ-Katrina_0045.JPG (113494 bytes) Panther-0009_2005_Kursk_0013.jpg (75453 bytes) Panther-0010_2005_BotB_0033.jpg (82318 bytes)



Panther-0011_2006_Sith_0011.jpg (102569 bytes) Panther-0012_2006_WP-Spr_0099.JPG (92559 bytes) Panther-0013_2006_Ocean-Tiger_0055.JPG (119554 bytes) Panther-0014_2006_Coram-BG_0008.jpg (132398 bytes) Panther-0015_2006_05-13-DarkOps_0010.JPG (134933 bytes) Panther-0016_2006_NJNam_0165.JPG (108476 bytes)

Panther-0017_2006_Airsoft-BG_1327.jpg (99104 bytes) Panther-0018_2006_ION_0001.jpg (146166 bytes) Panther-0019_TRP_TeamAmerica_0142.JPG (112653 bytes) Panther-0020_DarkOps_11-11-06_0130.JPG (107474 bytes)