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GPL Event 2


Del Hobbies NJ


Picture use Policy and Sales


I'm not exactly sure how this is going to pan out just yet.  This was the first GPL I've shot pictures of and I took a lot more per match than I usually do.  Basically I got more pictures per match but less matches overall.  Lately I've been setting up a separate page for each card but for this event I found myself shooting only two matches per card several times.  Well I guess we'll have to see.  The list of matches I got pictures of though is as follows:


Group 1

Storm Riders vs. Rivalry

US Army vs. East Coast Empire

Misfit Midget Killers vs. Felony Kids

Quiet Storm vs. El Nino Mafia

E-Jam Unity vs. Nobility Alpha

Rivalry vs. Misfit Ballers



Group 2

East Coast Empire B vs. Maryland Assassins

Blunt Riders vs. Nobility

Jersey Speed vs. Misfit Midget Killers

Crazy 8 vs. Velocity

Section 8 vs. East Coast Empire

Camo Sharks vs. LI Uproar



Group 3

Camo Sharks United vs. Misfit Ballers

Maryland Assassins vs. E-Jam United

East Coast Empire B vs. APE Armada

Storm Riders vs. E-Jam United

Nobility Alpha vs. DP Factory

Ball Breakers vs. El Nino Mafia




I think things will be a bit different next time I get to a GPL.  One thing is for certain I will get a lot more matches next time.


GPL_051406_c7a_0063.JPG (79334 bytes)


GPL_051406_c1_0001.JPG (76135 bytes) GPL_051406_c1_0087.JPG (72551 bytes) GPL_051406_c5_0002.JPG (62491 bytes)

GPL_051406_c7a_0015.JPG (71368 bytes) GPL_051406_c7a_0026.JPG (59313 bytes) GPL_051406_c7b_0155.JPG (64921 bytes)

GPL_051406_c7b_0134.JPG (69653 bytes) GPL_051406_c7b_0145.JPG (93261 bytes) GPL_051406_c7a_0001.JPG (57563 bytes)

GPL_051406_c7a_0024.JPG (58910 bytes) GPL_051406_c7a_0027.JPG (64622 bytes) GPL_051406_c7a_0035.JPG (65482 bytes) GPL_051406_c7a_0069.JPG (58086 bytes)